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Falling In Love

Bangles Bengals was founded in 1994, when Jay first fell in love with the cat fancy, Bengals and cat shows. She was studying in Paris, working on a Master's degree, when her friend and former boss Vickie Shields talked her into visiting a cat show. Vickie introduced her to the Bengal breed, and she soon adopted Petitpoucet's Jasmin (Jazz). The rest, as they say, is history.

Small & Focused

We have a small, focused breeding program, concentrating on wild type and outgoing temperament. Because we are so focused, we have chosen to concentrate on brown spotted tabbies exclusively. This should not be construed to mean that we do not like marbles, snows, blues, solids, silvers or anything else that might crop up, or that we do not use them in our breeding program. It only means that our philosophy is to narrow our variables as much as possible in order to strengthen the things that we find particularly stunning in our Bengals.

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Although we are no longer actively breeding, our lines are still being used in other catteries and we will be happy to connect you with those breeders.

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