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Kittens & Available Cats

In addition to the young kittens listed below, we also have a couple of adult cats that are available to approved homes. Please take a moment to read about these loving pets. Thank you!

Available Adult Cats

The cats below are available to approved homes, come with an extended return policy and are priced very low for there worth, although no cats will be placed for free. Any price is negotiable, down to the cost of spay or neuter. We will take back cats at any time after the return period, without a refund.

Naginata [born 1/20/02] - Nagi is a lovely brown marble who is retired from my breeding program. She only ever produced one kitten, a beautiful longhaired marble girl, who now lives in Delaware. Nagi is LOUD, and can be quite demanding. She was born in 2002. She LOVES to play, and be petted, but never held. She would be best as an only cat. Nagi is a remarkably beautiful, long girl with a real leopard-like grace to her. Since she's been spayed, she has gotten a bit fat. But with some one who will play with her a lot, she could be slimmed down to her pre-spay long, lanky beauty.

Herbie [Born 9/12/2008] - Herbie is one of three brothers that we kept as stud cats, but they were all 3 unfortunately infertile. He has been neutered, and is a very sweet, loving boy; but gets intimidated by most other cats. He can be a bit shy. He should be an only cat. He also LOVES to play and will keep at it forever.

Tau [Born 12/14/2009] - Tau is Herbie's younger brother, and one of the 3 infertile brothers. He is a shy boy, but good with other cats and might integrate well in to a home with an established cat. He's very soft, and loves food and being petted; once you gain his trust. You must be patient with this boy. If you try to force the situation, it will only make it worse.

Available Kittens

We are expecting two litters in mid-August 2011!


Please read our sample contract and be familiar with its terms and visit our "Kittens'R'Cute" gallery containing pictures of past litters.

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