Petit Poucet's Jasmin

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Petitpoucet Jasmin is a Blue Spotted Tabby bengal. He was my first bengal cat. He is responsible for getting me hooked on the breed.

I showed him from the end of 95 through most of 96. He always did very well in the NBC class.

This is typical Jazz at a show. This is also my favorite picture of him.

Jazz is a big boy, about 13 lbs in this picture. I constantly had problems getting good, professional pictures of him because he was just too big for the table.

Here, you can see his fantasic rosetting. He is wonderfully glittered and has a lovely pelty coat.

Jazz is now retired from active showing. He does occasionally go to the shows as "Exhibition Only", mostly to babysit kittens - he's super with them! Very calm and reassuring. I couldn't ask for a better 'kitten-sitter'. Jazz is also one of the mere handful of cats that was able to pass the temperment tests to be accepted into the Friendship Foundation as a Visiting Pet Therapist. He goes to nursing homes and hospitals, including the world renowned Oakland's Childrens' Hospital to give warmth and love to invalid patients often separated from their own loving pets. Other handlers are amazed at how calm and blasé he is around all the dogs and chaos. But then, he is almost as big as many of the dogs he makes visits with!

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