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This beautiful girl is the daughter of Oakhill Circe of Bangles and Cheetahsden's Sundancer. She has the wild type of both of her parents that we are looking for here at Bangles. She has smaller ears and large, nocturnal eyes - which says jungle to us.

Amaratsu sitting, by Jim Brown

Amaratsu standing, by Jim Brown

These pictures were taken at five months.

Amaratsu profile, by Jay Bangle

This picture shows off her profile.

Amaratsu has now had two litters of kittens (January, August) by Goldspurr Rambo, a magnificent marble male pictured below bred and owned by Laura Ratliff, outside of Chicago. Rambo has the best tail we have ever seen on a Bengal cat, and has been reproducing it on his offspring. He also has remarkably small ears, and a beautiful marble pattern.

Goldspurr Rambo standing, professional photograph

You can also see two of Amaratsu's previous kittens, Stealth and Number One who we have kept for our breeding program. They were sired by SGC Heritage Kimo (now retired - Stealth and One's litter was his last).

Amaratsu was screened at two years of age for patellar luxation and heart abnormalities. She was found to be excellent in both categories by the experts at the University of California, Davis. We were unable to schedule a cataract screening at that time, but will screen her after her next litter in the spring. Her previous screening at 17 months was excellent. I also discussed with the genetics specialist at Davis the necessity of screening for hip dysplasia. She felt that it was unnecessary, allowing her previous screening at 17 months (also excellent) to stand.

We at Bangles Bengals feel that these types of screenings are essential to the betterment of the Bengal breed. We will continue to screen our breeding cats, along with select individuals of our previous breeders who had a large impact on our program, both for our own education and for the education of our fellow Bengal breeders. We will openly discuss the results of those screenings with anyone who asks. We also encourage all Bengal breeders to follow our lead.

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